For the Foodies

5,500 sqm of retail and gastronomy with a strong local approach

F&B concept: Viola Molzen
architecture & interior design: César Taccari
interior design consultingAlejandro Schieda, Maria Luján Tripoli
leasing revenue forecastViola Molzen
construction costs forecast: Viola Molzen, Loïc Dindinaud
text copyright: Noémie Causse
3D rendering: César Taccari, Alejandro Laurido
graphic design: Mercedes Tregoning
project management: Loïc Dindinaud

How to requalify a shopping center and reinvent a customer experience in line with today's and tomorrow's expectations?
This is the exciting challenge that mobilized all the White Kitchen teams for more than 6 months in 2021.
First of all, we had to make an impact study of the project located in Berlin, an identification of the food trends in 2025 and a feedback based on the analysis of about ten similar situations in Germany and abroad.
Berlin, as the gastronomic capital of Germany, is the ideal location to launch a new generation of ambitious covered markets rooted in its culinary heritage. The F&B concept, spread over more than 5,000 sqm, has 3 main axes: the gastronomy + retail mix, sustainable development and the digitalisation of the customer experience and revenues.
White Kitchen was also responsible for this services: F&B Masterplan, Interior Design, Rent calculation, floor access management, leasing strategies, marketing & communication directions.

Gastronomy mix

F&B Retail Mix

Experience Mix


Wichmannstrasse 20 / 10787 Berlin

Buenos Aires

Suipacha 1087 #7A / C1008AAU Buenos Aires


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