Fine Dining + Food Market

Two complementary F&B concepts for a diverse and qualitative culinary experience in Munich

Architecture & Art Direction: César Taccari
Interior Design Consulting: Alejandro Schieda
F&B concept: Viola Molzen
3D rendering: Alejandro Laurido
Project Management: Loïc Dindinaud

In 2021 we have been commissioned to develop a restaurant concept on the rooftop of a shopping center in the heart of Munich. The objective was to define a suitable F&B concept that would not only attract the clientele of the shopping mall but also create a new destination for Munich's residents and tourists.

Following our feasibility study, the client decided on this solution: a combination of two iconic F&B locations.
- A Fine Dining restaurant concept located on the roof top of the building
- A Food Market in the basement floor

With these two complementary F&B concepts, different features and very diverse offerings, we can target a broader clientele and thus have two strong anchor points in the shopping mall.

F&B vision: "Two locations - One food oasis for urban nomads"

A place for quick and varied lunch > Food Market
A place for healthy and flexible food > Food Market & Fine Dining
A place for good food and special experiences > Fine Dining
A place with a unique atmosphere and a view of Munich > Fine Dining

Fine Dining Restaurant

Located on the rooftop, this venue is a high-end restaurant concept, an exclusive culinary experience including a wine bar. As the accessibility conditions do not allow for too many people, we have worked on a more exclusive concept that guarantees a high average revenue while limiting the flow of people. 

Food market

In addition to the fine dining restaurant on the roof top, the market hall will be create in the basement of the building. In this hall, those who have less time or budget to eat (workers, travelers, tourists) will find their happiness. It will also be more easily accessible and therefore able to accommodate a wider range of customers. 


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