The Dawg

A brand created and launched in just 30 days

art direction & photography: César Taccari
graphic design: Mercedes Tregoning
web design: César Taccari
front & back end development: José Luis Milla
social media: Astrid Rostaing
project management: Loïc Dindinaud

40 Seconds Catering is a gastronomic group based in Berlin.
With more than 20 years of experience in this sector, the company consists of a 1 star Michelin restaurant, lounges for events, a bar and a restaurant/café in the Mercedes Benz Museum in Berlin.

The original idea of our client was to open a small store serving hot dogs as gastronomic support for the simulation game room My Days Erlebniswerk at Bikini Berlin. The recipes were to be developed by 1 star Michelin chef, Björn Swanson, although this was not to be part of the brand image, as the customer did not want to associate the image of a star chef with fast food.

We saw this problem as a great opportunity and suggested that Björn should be the face of the image: a star chef who makes good hot dogs.

We developed different types of photographs, starting with the photograph describing the product concept, where the original idea was that the chef would prepare today's hot dog using gourmet cooking techniques. For the photos of the hot dog we worked with a food stylist. The photos of the Dawgs were published in numerous food magazines.


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