Digital Food Hall

Order - Eat - Repeat, a Food Hall for the new travelers

Interior Design: César Taccari
3D Rendering: Alejandro Laurido
F&B Consulting: Viola Molzen
Branding & Collateral Design: Mercedes Tregoning

Business Development: Astrid Rostaing
Project management: Loïc Dindinaud

The Digital Food Hall is a flexible, modular concept developed specifically for the travel environment (stations, multimodal hubs, airports...).

All orders are made digitally (mobile app or ordering screens in the venue)
The Digital Food Hall will offer travelers more than a dozen different types of street food.
A single kitchen team will manage the preparation of all the foods and drinks.

With this concept, our client, Lagardère Travel Retail, is seeking to achieve a sustainable project by optimizing its operating costs while maximizing the diversity of its customer offering.
Instead of increasing the number of food kiosks, each with its own kitchen, dishwashing area, storage facilities, ... the project centralizes all these needs in a single kitchen, which means: 
> less floor space, 
> less energy requirements
> more space for the guests
> and also more comfortable working space for the kitchen team.

This concept is flexible and can suit the size of the location.

The design of the kitchen and the performance of the production process have been developed to ensure a highly varied offering (hot, cold, grill, etc.).

Travelers can choose from a very wide selection of menus and drinks. For those in a hurry, a Grab & Go zone with snacks and drinks will also be available.
Instead of treating the Food Hall as a homogeneous space, our concept gives each component of the project its own identity.
Neon lettering provides the main signage for the Food Hall.

A number of modular architectural elements make up the brand's expression matrix:
- Branding
- Emblematic and easily identifiable food pick-up area,
- Bookcase / storage shelves in the seating areas to display local products, information or objects linked to the local context,
- Suspended plants or other decorative elements to structure the space
- A variety of seating areas with different types of furniture and comfort options
- Digital order-taking terminals

The project is currently being developed by our client. More information to follow.

Our scope of work:
- Interior Design
- Branding & Collateral Design
- 3D Rendering


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