Website consulting & photography for a 2 star Restaurant

photography: César Taccari
project management: Loïc Dindinaud


The pastry shop rethought.

Classic craftsmanship reinterpreted in an innovative way: this is how René Frank's signature can be summed up. Images of classic desserts deconstructed to show that today's pastry goes far beyond the last dish on the menu.

The very reduced use of sugar is characteristic of their dishes. Milk, cream and butter are also not main ingredients. Each dish finds its suitable accompaniment in a meticulously coordinated pairing that complements the flavor and aromas.

A restaurant? A bar? A dessert bar?... The first dessert dining experience in Germany.

White Kitchen has not only done several photo shoots for CODA magazines and corporate communications, but also helped set the art direction for these shoots. In 2019, CODA received 2 Michelin stars for its dessert-for-dinner concept.


Wichmannstrasse 20 / 10787 Berlin

Buenos Aires

Suipacha 1087 #7A / C1008AAU Buenos Aires


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