Hotel am Steinplatz

A different approach to hotel web design

art direction & web design: César Taccari
front & back end development: José Luis Milla
hosting solution: Javier Martí
project management: Loïc Dindinaud

The Hotel am Steinplatz is a charming boutique hotel in Charlottenburg in the heart of the City-West. It belongs to the US-American hotel group Marriott, which is represented with over 6,000 hotels in more than 120 countries of the world. Despite these international connections, the Hotel am Steinplatz is "The Soul of Charlottenburg": a hotel with an intimate atmosphere and a very personal touch under female management. Here, everyone is given the same friendly attention - customers as well as employees - and this is also reflected in the communication strategy. 

Project Challenge: 
- Conversion and translation of the philosophy of personal address,
- mediation of the cosy, intimate atmosphere and 
- Highlighting the individual touch of the company on all three brand websites.
- Design of the hotel, restaurant and bar websites. 


Wichmannstrasse 20 / 10787 Berlin (Germany)

Buenos Aires

Suipacha 1087 #7A / C1008AAU Buenos Aires (Argentina)